NBA Clash decides the best time to swap your players based on a few rules. Any player that reaches 0 Stamina will be replaced automatically. Once a player gets to 0 Stamina, you will see a spinning indicator that will tell you they are tired! Then substitutions happen as soon as there is a made basket by either team. It’s possible that 1, 2 or 3 players can swap out at the same time!

To best understand the “Reserves” system - first you should take a look at your Card Deck Manager:

  • Starters are matched up vertically over their Reserves
  • In this example, Julius Randle will replace Rudy Gobert, Russell Westbrook will replace Draymond Green, and Kyle Kuzma will replace Buddy Hield.
So while playing - the next player to come in from your Reserves will be the player in your card tray that aligns underneath one of the 3 Starters. If a Reserve is active, he will next be replaced by the Starter who is his pair.