Hey Clashers! We heard a lot of feedback that people have been finding the term "Juke" pretty confusing, so we're here to help! Here's a short guide 

A juke is an automatic move your player makes when you attempt to use a Drive Action Zone. So when you drag your player into the Drive Action Zone, if there is a defender between you and the basket, the game determines the outcome:

  • The offensive player tries to Juke
  • The defender tries to defend the drive
  • One of these players "wins" and that determines the outcome. 
  • If the ball handler wins, he jukes the defender and drives to the basket. 
  • If the defender wins, he prevents the drive and you see the "!" over the ball handler's head indicating he's Vulnerable to a steal attempt.

Note that if no one is in the way, the player will just Drive automatically

Note that after a successful Juke, the finish at the rim is not guaranteed to succeed, as the Layup or Dunk can still be blocked by another defender who rotates to Help.