Hey Clashers! Update 1.1 is Live!


  • Miami Heat Guard Tyler Herro is a Rare Sharpshooter with the Make it Hot: Get Open 3 ability
  • Orlando Magic Forward Paolo Banchero is an Epic Post Bruiser with the Random: Minus 1 Defense ability


  • Tons of "Road to" events with your favorite players!
  • NBA Rivals Week - many surprises coming your way!
  • Boss Battle: Kevin Durant

Season 4 is LIVE until Feb 6th so get in there and get big rewards! We've got 4 players featured in Season Rewards to get more chances to add these ballers to your roster! Plus, check out Events and the Store for more ways to pick them up.
There are also tons of great awards like Coins, Diamonds, Gear Bag Speedups, and more just for playing and completing Season tiers! And don't forget! For even greater rewards, check out the Season Pass in the Store!

  • Malcolm Brogdon Common
  • Christian Wood Rare
  • Karl-Anthony Towns Epic
  • Kevin Durant Legendary

Gameplay and Balancing: 
We continue to tune and balance NBA Clash, in response to feedback from you, our players!

  • Lebron James Special Ability: Stun now triggers as soon as it's activated
  • Donovan Mitchell Special Ability: can now only be triggered once
  • Special Block range additional tuning: Players can no longer leap quite as far for a block
  • All Common and Rare cards have increased their attributes by 2-3 OVR Points.
  • Player OVR for all Common, Rare, and Epic Cards have been adjusted for better parity with Legendary cards
  • Stephen Curry's attributes have been adjusted: Shoot 3, Defend 3, Defend Rim lowered. Shoot 2, Drive, Pass, Defend Drive increased

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed the issue preventing some users from seeing Daily Login bonus rewards
  • New "Delete my account" added to Settings
  • Fixed issue where Friendly Matches would lock up during loading
  • Fixed issues with Ads not being available to some users